Author: Jimmy Uno

Definitive Article

Interaction Patterns and Seating Arrangements

How should you sit and pair or group learners for the best learning results? How can you change up the classroom to keep the learners engaged and on task? How does the classroom management change with different activity types? These questions are essential for creating a student-centered learning environment. This post is best viewed while listening…
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THE Podcast is new and improved!

The Definitive Article Podcast with Jimmy & Dave is back and better than ever! We are aiming to bring our tools and advice to every ESL teacher. Both Dave and I (Jimmy) have a couple decades of experience with young learners and academic management, so that is where our focus will remain. The same great content will…
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22 Qualities of Great Teachers

The struggle to be a great teacher is constant. Anyone that says they are the best teacher has flaming trousers. We need to study continually, cramming in more activities and strategies to our repertoire. Refining our favourite activity to encompass more – or different – cognitive skills. How do we get better as teachers? By focusing on…
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6 Things You Missed About Teaching Roddy’s World of Phonics

RWOP is a classic course that has always been popular among students, parents and teachers. But not everything about the course and resources are known by our academic staff. Here are 6 things you missed about teaching Roddy’s World of Phonics.

Incidental and Implicit Language – Use in the Classroom

So I noticed a thing. Learning a language is a long hard road, and for most of us the initial challenge is opening our mouths to speak. I was learning Chinese for a long while before I had the courage to open my mouth and utter a full sentence. Previously I had been using short…
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Quick Phonics Interactive Rush

I was teaching a SSB (5 year olds) and they can be some of the most challenging students to teach – they know how to push their boundaries. So I decided to design an activity that was complex enough, but with a simple output that the students would be engaged, not over-worked, and be able…
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6 Things You Missed About IWB Troubleshooting

My IWB isn’t working, can someone come and fix it? Can I change classroom, my IWB is broken …
We have all said these words and wasted 10 minutes of a lesson, frequently.
Let’s take fate into our own hands! Empower yourself!

Here are 6 Things You Missed About Getting Those Gremlins Out of Your IWB – Hiteboard & Projector Edition.

The Social Laugh

I noticed during the National Conference that the majority of presenters who came from teaching background used a lot of humour intermittent throughout their presentations and this got me thinking about teachers using humour in the classroom.

Intrinsic Phonological Awareness

In a a study of 38 preschool children (3 and 4 years old) a set of phonological awareness tasks were assessed three times over the course of a year. The tasks used were rhyme and alliteration matching tasks with distractor items that were either semantically or phonologically related to the target. In both tasks, the children found the distractors matched for phonological similarity more difficult to reject than the semantically related distractors or the unrelated distractors.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Learner Acquisition of Language in the Classroom

In this article we explore Bloom’s Taxonomy (How much do you ‘know’ something) and how it relates to learner acquisition of language (kids learning language)